Zagreb is a great small place in terms of accessibility and transport. A lot of it is because of its traffic location, as it connects Central Europe with the Mediterranean, at the same time it is an important road corridor on the main routes to South-Eastern Europe. Zagreb is not only the cultural and political centre of Croatia. As the metropolis, it is also in terms of meetings industry among the best-developed parts of Croatia. In Zagreb is the largest concentration of international hotel chains with congress facilities in the region.

Zagreb generally makes a good impression on the visitor. The impression is sometimes interrupted by ragged facades and sporadic traffic chaos, which is the result of the size of the city. Generally, the city is safe, clean, comfortable and friendly to congress participants. The good ratio between price and quality is especially attractive; this has a positive impact on the competitiveness of the destination. It is not surprising that in the last year Zagreb has become a true hit on the Croatian tourist scene and no longer just a transit stop on the way to the Adriatic. With proper marketing and the development of network of partners, Zagreb will continue to position itself as the leading Croatian and regional convention destination. As its main advantage, I would highlight the compactness and high quality of hotel accommodation, which combined with cultural and historical heritage, is the formula for success. Everything is seasoned with the right dose of metropolitan character and friendliness of the locals.

Zagreb is the only capital city in the world that hosts one of the races in the Alpine Ski World Cup. The Snow Queen Trophy is being organized annually since 2015 on Medvenica mountain where famous skiing champions Janica and Ivica Kostelić, both born in Zagreb, made their first ski steps. Janica is a winner of five World Championship gold medals and three overall Alpine Skiing World Cup titles, while her older brother, Ivica is a winner of three Olympic silver medals and was the overall World Cup champion in 2011.



  • The number of 4* and 5* category hotel rooms: 2,666
  • The number of 4* and 5* category hotels: 20
  • Banquet hall maximum capacity: 1,600
  • The largest hall in the city (in m2): 2,360 m2m2m2
  • Destination population: 799,556
  • Maximum hall capacity in theatre style: 1,851



Destinations that can host up to 2000 attendees.

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A. Natural and cultural factor: 4.76

Its rich natural and cultural heritage and the position of the Croatian capital have enabled Zagreb intensive development in tourism. Recently, Zagreb has profited as a destination of culture with individual museums that have the potential to become world attractions, such as the unique Museum of Failed Relationships.

B. General and transport infrastructure: 4.81

In the last ten years, Croatia has radically improved road infrastructure and thus its accessibility. Significantly improved is also air accessibility via Zagreb Airport, which accepts over 40% of all air traffic in Croatia. We would, however, like to see an early construction of the new airport building as the existing one is strongly outdated. Currently, Zagreb is lagging behind in rail infrastructure the most. Accord- ing to municipal infrastructure, local transport and sense of security, Zagreb can be classified into a golden class among competing European cities.

C. Tourist infrastructure: 4.78

The hotel infrastructure with new acquisitions fully satisfies modern congress guests and is perhaps at this moment the best among regional capitals. The fact that the tourist infrastructure is good and that the marketing of the destination also works well is also confirmed by the good results, which show a 5% growth despite the global recession.

D. Meetings infrastructure: 4.74

In Croatia, Zagreb has a dominant image of a business as well as a major congress destination. This has also been adapted by the offer of hotels with excellent congress facilities. A somewhat worse score than competitive cities of the region is due to the fact that Zagreb is without a convention centre, construction of which has been heralded since the public tender, which was completed in 2007.

E. Subjective grade: 4.75

In the region, Zagreb managed to best maintain the Central European culture that is reminiscent of Vienna and creates a special atmosphere. In addition, it is a ‘pocket-friendly destination’ that offers a lot for reasonable money. It is the ideal combination of a metropolis with charm and a small town atmosphere.

F. Marketing buzz: 4.38

The traditional connection between congress providers in one of the oldest convention bureaus of the region is now also connecting through its marketing. Zagreb has a well-developed marketing infrastructure and is patiently and progressively breaking into the major convention destinations league. Intensive marketing has triggered a positive response that has placed Zagreb on the list of fresh congress destinations.

Natural and cultural factors: 4.76
General and transport infrastructure: 4.81
Tourist infrastructure: 4.78
Meeting infrastructure: 4.74
Subjective grade: 4.75
Marketing Buzz: 4.38
ICCA index: 4.00
Numbeo quality of life Index: 3.25
Numbeo Safety Index3.96
ACI Airport Connectivity Index3.64


Old tram, new view
while you’re enjoying an exclusive Old Tram ride together with Zagreb delicacies, the guide will introduce you to the Zagreb Down town and its beauty, which will take you to Zagreb’s illustrious past.


I predict a great congress future for Zagreb. It is well established in the international congress market and in addition to Ljubljana and Belgrade it represents the future backbone of the continental meetings industry of the region. All three cities are progressing steadily on the charts of developed meetings destinations; the final breakthrough of the entire region is intertwined and dependent on the marketing of major regional cong ress cities in the international market.


PAPRENJAK – is a traditional biscuit, which you’ll find only in Zagreb, slightly spicy and goes excellently with the morning coffee, but it can also be a unique souvenir of the visit or a Congress in Zagreb.


Zagreb Convention Bureau
Kaptol 5
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Mr. Zlatan Muftič
T: +385 1 48 98 555

SOURCEkongres meetologue
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A long time congress tourism addict, Gorazd has many years' experience in creating, planning and organizing large congress projects in cooperation with some of the most respected institutions in the region. He is an accomplished advisor for marketing success in corporate events and congress centers and the owner of Toleranca marketing agency. Gorazd has established himself as the founder and editor of Kongres Magazine and the co-creator of Conventa Trade Show.