At Conventa, we’re usually all about coffee. We simply love it, since it helps us to think clearly, makes us alert, awakens our senses and brings sparkling ideas to the table. This year with Conventa’s 10th Jubilee, we’re celebrating our past successes and we’re optimistically gazing at the future. And what can’t be missed at a proper celebration in Slovenia? By all means – potica – the traditional festive cake.


With recent international events it seems like it was a destiny that we selected potica as a symbol for 10th Jubilee Conventa. Thanks to Melania Trump and the Pope, potica got a lot of international attention when Pope Francis asked Melania: “What are you feeding him, potica?” and Melania replied »pizza? and answered »yes«. We’re sure you heard about that.

That made our team wonder. What should we serve at Conventa? Should we stick to potica or should we switch to pizza? Feeling torn between creativity and tradition, we chose tradition and potica remains with Conventa.


Until 15th of June, a very special potica is available for all of you. If you wish to make sure to get a good, fresh, tender and an especially sweet piece of potica, you can register as an exhibitor and enjoy discounted prices.

Choose a package that suits you best:

Black sea package

Adriatic package

Mediteranean package

Space package


If you’re not that crazy about potica (yet) and you could use other reasons to join us in Ljubljana, here are a few of them:

  • Every year 80% of hosted buyers are new-comers,
  • Conventa is leading B2B event in the area of meetings industry in New Europe,
  • In only two days you will have a chance to meet around 170 international and more than 100 regional and Slovene buyers,
  • We make sure that you will get plenty networking opportunities.

If all you can now think about is potica, you can also bake it on your own, find a recipe here. And we have to be honest. We have nothing against pizza, we love pizza. But when we consider what goes better with coffee, the answer is quite simple. Potica, always choose potica.